Our artistic objective is to play with new forms of interpretation of reality using the evocative and transforming power of the stage arts, in order to offer the contemporary audience more tools for living in freedom. This is why in 2007 we founded the stage production company Ca l’Ubú, SL, from where we resolve the material and time needs to achieve this.

Inicis de la companyia
Three lines of work:


With ‘El ballet imperial de la reina Rosamunda’ we put on contemporary dance shows for all publics.

Family theater

In ‘La companyia del príncep Totilau’ we aim to do the theatre we would like to see if we were children.

Works on commission

We also do shows and work with other producers and theatres on commission.

This is a creation of Ca l’Ubú, SL

C/Migdia 8, Sant Martí de Tous 08712 Barcelona, SPAIN

Tel. +34 675653891 / +34 648129262