“My Prince Charming” is a contemporary dance show that travels through several works for hand-held baroque viola, mainly from the pieces by Luys de Narváez, Alonso Mudarra, Gaspar Sanz and Lluís de Milà. In this dance proposal for all ages, we show the most important values ​​of femininity in the past and in the present, as a denunciation of the spoofing and hypersexualization of girls and women today. Using humor as a form of criticism, we present the current values ​​in our society, as regards male and female roles, and compare them with the artistic values ​​that are present in Baroque music.
The show features two dancers, formed at IT Dansa, who also sign the choreography, and with the musician and lutier Jaume Bosser, who plays the music live. The show was released on July 9, 2017 at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival.


As long as a strong storm falls, a woman of the twentieth century and a seventeenth century are found through a fantastic door that connects the two periods. Surprisingly, one lives with a gorilla and the other awaits the arrival of a blue prince. Through Baroque music, played live by a hand-held violist, the two women will learn to get rid of the feminine roles imposed by both societies, and to be happy in their own right.

Artistic Team

Direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs

Coreography: Beatriz Macías i Gemma Güell

Dancers: Beatriz Macías and Gemma Güell

Guitar Player: Jaume Bosser

Scenography: Marc Hervàs

Puppets, masks and costumes: Martí Doy

Executive production: Clara Dalmau

This is a production by Ca l’Ubú, SL, with the collaboration of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals.

Musical Repertoire

Pavana de Alexandre (Alonso Mudarra)
Tarantella (Gaspar Sanz)
Canarios (Francesc Guerau)
Fantasia que contrahace el arpa a la manera de Ludovico (Alonso Mudarra)
Cumbées (Santiago de Murcia)
Lantururu (Gaspar Sanz)
Pavana 4 (Luis de Milà)
Canarios en Sol Major (Gaspar Sanz)
Fandango (Santiago de Murcia)
Xàcara (Gaspar Sanz)
Hachas (Gaspar Sanz)
Diferencias de Guardame las vacas (Luis de Narváez)

Technical rider

•Set up: 4 hours.
•Show: 50 minutes.
•Set down: 1 hour.
Stage area
• Minimum Stage dimensions: 10 m. wide x 8 m. deep x 4 m. high.
Stage drapery & machinery
• Black horizon (1 backdrop, 6 legs, 3 borders)
•8 profiles 1kW 15/30 on bases.
•6 PC 1Kw + gel frames + barn doors in the frontal bridge.
Programmable light console.
• Regular PA and Monitors on the stage.

príncep Totilau

This is a creation of Ca l’Ubú, SL

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